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Drug court treatment programs work with clients who are in the criminal justice system. They specialize in providing information and options for individuals with a drug and/or alcohol addiction and legal problems related to their addiction.


These drug court treatment and alcohol treatment programs take in to account the legal issues that face this population such as:

Court Appearances

Probation Requirements


Attorney/Client Meetings

Jail/House Arrest Sentences


Drugs and alcohol use go hand in hand with criminal related activities. Violent behavior, theft, possession of illegal substances or all criminal activities that can stem from a drug or alcohol addiction. Drug court treatment services are vital in helping these individuals receive drug or alcohol addiction treatment and rehabilitating their lives.


During the treatment process drug court treatment programs address not only the drug and alcohol use but also the reason for being in the criminal justice system.

The treatment approach with this population must be very specific to help them reach the requirements mandated by drug court or other judicial systems. Often times court appearances will be required along with reports on the offenders progress and willingness to engage in the treatment process. Drug court treatment programs sometimes are an alternative to a jail sentence and satisfactory completion must be obtained in order to not receive the original jail sentence. Seeking treatment for a drug related crime is sometimes seen as favorable in the courts eyes. If you are facing a criminal charge we recommend contacting an attorney to learn how drug court treatment my benefit your case.

All drug abuse treatment and mental health service listing information is available to you, including the programs website for your reference. We do not work for, promote or recommend one drug court treatment or mental health center over another. We do not refer out, give medical advice or intervene on the behalf of or for individuals searching for drug court treatment or mental health services.

We do however, recommend that you research each drug court treatment program you are interested in. Ask questions, tour the facility if possible, learn about the services they provide and if they will address the problems you are seeking help for. The search for drug court treatment and/or mental health services should not be taken lightly, it is a serious matter that ultimately points to a human life.

We have included a Treatment Center Questionnaire  and the  Halfway House/Sober Living Questionnaire for  your resource to help you in this process. These questions will assist you  in making  an informed decision on an appropriate drug court treatment center.




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